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Etafor Heating Pad

  1. 9 gear heat setting
  2. 110 Voltage 
  3. 130 Watt power 
  4. Four  timing  gear  (30/45/60/90) min
  5. Overheating and overvoltage protection
  6. Waterproof
  7. Flame retardant
  8. 50 HZ frequency
  9. Specific therapies for all muscle groups
  10. 2 different sizes (12x24 inches and 17x33 inches)
  11. Crystal super Soft velvet fabric

How Do Heating Pads Aid in Pain Management?

Heat works to relieve stiff joints and muscle spasms by circulating more blood to the painful location. For ages, people have employed heat therapy, sometimes known as thermal therapies, including hot springs, mud baths, and steam treatments. And even now, we still use them to treat common aches and pains.Heating pads can relieve period cramps because, for instance, heat can help loosen up tight uterine muscles. Furthermore, research has shown that applying heat to alleviate musculoskeletal pain is more effective than using drugs, placebos, or no treatment at all. Heating pads and wraps are typically a temporary solution for severe pain.Whenever you have a significant ache, always talk to your doctor: Heating pads can't relieve all types of pain.

The following are some common queries regarding heating pads.

Is it safe to use heating pads at night?

A heating pad should not be used while sleeping. However, laying on a heating pad for a brief period of time prior to going to bed may reduce discomfort and help. When utilizing a heating pad, it is crucial to adhere to all of the manufacturer's recommendations.

Is back pain relief heating pads effective?

According to studies, using a heating pad can provide relief from chronic back discomfort.