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Safety Instructions for use

Read the instructions below for complete safety and better efficiency.

• These products are for adult use only
• All products must be used according to the following instructions in avoid and reduce risks of electric shock, fire, and personal injury.
• Use all products only on dry and clean skin.
• Use all products over clothes instead of bare skin by pressing lightly and moving them across the body for approximately 60 seconds per region
• Do not use the massage gun over your head or any hard/bony area of the body
• Use the Massage Gun only on soft tissue as desired to avoid pain or discomfort
• Only use applicators that provide the best-desired effects
• Bruising can occur regardless of the control setting or pressure applied; check treated areas frequently and immediately stop at the first sign of pain or discomfort.
• Keep fingers, hair, and other body parts away from the shaft and back side of the applicator to avoid injuries
• Do not place any object into the ventilation holes of the Massage Gun
• Don’t allow water to enter the ventilation holes of the Massage Gun
• Do not immerse any product in water, even for cleaning purposes
• Handle all the products with care and refrain from dropping them
• Only use supplied 26 VDC Massage Gun charger to charge the massage gun
• Carefully examine the device and battery before using it each time
• Do not tamper with or alter Massage Gun in any way
• Never leave the Massage Gun operating or charging unattended
• Individuals and children should be accompanied by an adult when using any vibration device

DO NOT USE THE MASSAGE GUN OR ANY VIBRATION DEVICE WITHOUT OBTAINING APPROVAL FROM YOUR DOCTOR IF ANY OF THE FOLLOWING APPLY Gestational diabetes with complications such as neuropathy or retinal damage, wearing pacemakers, recent surgery, epilepsy or migraine, herniated disks, spondylolisthesis, spondylosis, recent joint replacements, or IUDs, metal pins or plates, or any other concern related to your physical health. These contraindications do not mean that you are not allowed to use our devices, but we advise you to consult a doctor first. Research about the effects of vibration exercise on specific medical disorders is being conducted. This will likely result in the shortening of the list of contraindications, as shown above. Practical experiences have shown successful integration of vibration exercise in the treatment plan in a number of cases for faster recovery. This must be done upon the advice of a specialist in the company of a doctor specialist or physiotherapist.