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10 attachment heads
40 lbs of pressure
LCD touch screen display
Silicon Non-Slip Grip
30 adjustable speed settings
8 hours Battery life
Lightweight 1.5 lbs
45 dB Low noise
Specific heads for all muscle groups
4800 MAH Battery 
 Precise deep-tissue massage 


ETAFOR Pro gun boasts a high-precision structure that stays right on target during your massage. It operates at a 16mm amplitude and 60ppm (percussions per minute), ensuring a comfortable and effective massage experience. It's perfect for soothing sore muscles after workouts or intense activities. Just pull the trigger for fast relief.

Compact and Stylish Design

ETAFOR Pro offers accelerated pain relief, reduced muscle stiffness, and improved muscle performance through various modes that cater to your body's needs. Its modern and sleek silicone design makes it ideal for use in public spaces, whether it's for pre-workout warm-ups or quick post-workout recovery.

Durable and Resilient

Our ergonomic and durable design ensures effective weight distribution during massages, maximizing relief. Its dynamic balance keeps it stable during use, ensuring a comfortable grip and resilience even after accidental falls. You'll only feel the powerful impact on your muscles, not the gun.

Multipurpose with Adjustable Settings

Etafor Pro massage gun features 30 massage settings, offering a gentle touch for muscle recovery after workouts. Its LED touchscreen on the grip makes it easy to switch between modes. Turn it on, choose from one of the 30 settings, and enjoy a massage that targets knots, tightness, and sore muscles without the risk of going too deep or causing discomfort.

Quiet and Efficient Brushless Motor

Our massage gun is equipped with a professional brushless motor that provides quiet and efficient massage therapy. Yes, it's quieter than your toothbrush! The high-speed brushless motor delivers maximum force to penetrate deep into muscle tissue, quickly releasing tension and alleviating muscle soreness.


Brushless High Torque Motor 

Etafor Pro Massage Gun is equipped with a brushless high torque motor, providing you with optimal performance. The gun's 16mm amplitude and 60 percussions per minute (ppm) allow for deep tissue massage, reaching muscles and soft tissues effectively. This deep tissue massage enhances muscular contraction, contributing to muscle strengthening. Incorporating massage therapy into your daily and post-workout routine is an excellent way to reduce muscle tension and promote relaxation

High Quality Design and Comfortable Silica Gel Grip

  ETAFOR Pro Handheld Percussion Massage Gun features a top-notch design and a comfortable silica gel grip. Weighing just 1.5 lbs, it's lightweight and easy to carry around. The ergonomic, non-slip silicone handle ensures a secure hold. ETAFOR Pro is crafted with high-quality materials, providing a sturdy yet lightweight feel. Its comfortable grip enhances usability and balance, making it a pleasure to use.

LED Touch Display
 ETAFOR Pro comes with a user-friendly LED touch panel featuring precise speed and battery life indicators. Checking the battery level and adjusting the speed is incredibly easy. Simply press the power button to start and switch between speed levels from 1 to 30 with a single touch.
Noise Reduction System
ETAFOR Pro features an advanced noise reduction system and a quiet brushless high-torque motor, ensuring a powerful impact without the noise. With a low 45 dB performance, it's nearly silent, allowing you to enjoy your massage without disturbing others, whether you're at the gym, home, or work.
30 Adjustable speed Setting
With 30 adjustable speeds, you can provide any intensity of massage that you require at the moment. Using speeds 1–5, you can relax your muscles . Speed 6-10 is the best for gentle massage. With the next set of speeds, 11–15, you can achieve deep relaxation in different parts of your body. Levels 16-20 are the best for releasing lactic acid, which causes soreness in your body. 21-30 is usually the best for professional athletes..
High Capacity Lithium battery
4000mAh battery in ETAFOR PRO ensures prolonged usage without frequent charging, allowing for extended relief sessions. With this higher capacity, the massage gun can provide consistent power, delivering deep and effective massages for muscle recovery without interruptions, making it a reliable companion for your relaxation needs.

With 10 interchangeable heads, you can easily reach any group of muscles in your body, such as your back, shoulders, neck, and feet.

ETAFOR Pro massage gun with various attachments and adjustable speeds is suitable for professional athletes as well as regular people. ETAFOR Massage Gun comes with a portable carrying case, so you can take it anywhere you go. 


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